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Why I'm Running

I am running to serve as your next Senator for one reason: to ensure the prosperity of all residents of Payne County.

While driving on Perkins Road in Stillwater one August afternoon, I noticed something that I’d seen before but hadn’t paid much attention to; the overwhelming amount of payday loan businesses.  I’d always associated those businesses establishments with the towns outside military posts, not something that belonged to a seemingly idyllic college town.  After doing some research, I learned just how terrible the epidemic of poverty infects not only Stillwater, but all of Payne County as quality jobs with adequate living wages continue to leave rural areas.

Although economic development continues to remain a focus in Senate District 21, these efforts have fallen short in addressing the cyclical and nearly inescapable experience of living and working with wages that fall woefully short of the rising cost of living.

After a career spent preparing for and leading troops in combat, I decided it was time for a new mission to address the issues we face at home.  I donated my time and energy to charity organizations seeking to alleviate issues related to poverty in this county and develop the leadership skills of our next generation.

It’s time to take my mission to the next level; I’m running to be your next State Senator for the prosperity of all Payne County residents, to ensure their access to quality healthcare, and to protect ourselves and our children from criminals who use new technologies to steal our identities and hard-earned money.