A little bit about Rick

Rick Dunham is an Oklahoma State graduate, Afghanistan combat veteran, and current graduate student.

The son and grandson of fighter pilots from the Gulf and Vietnam War eras, Rick Dunham wanted to serve in a different fashion. He chose to serve in the US Army as a tank commander and scout platoon leader.

Rick received his undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University on an Army ROTC scholarship, where he was on the OSU Rugby team, and led the Army ROTC push-up board and t-shirt cannon teams during OSU football and basketball games. He graduated in 2008 and commissioned as an Active Duty Armor Officer.

Rick left active duty in 2015 and returned to Stillwater, Oklahoma. He immediately got active in his community. While back home, Rick continued his military service as an Army Reservist, receiving an early promotion to the rank of Major in 2018. It was this same year that he decided to further his education, pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations with an emphasis on National Security.

Whether he’s volunteering with local charity organizations, mentoring college students on planning and leadership, or working with government officials on Veteran-related healthcare issues, Rick’s dedication to serving his community and country is unmatched.

Rick lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma with his wife of 6 years, Michelle, who works in physical therapy. They enjoy spending their time together by working out, eating at new restaurants in town and supporting OSU. When Rick isn’t spending time with his family, he can be found volunteering with the American Legion and with Veterans organizations who share his vision of a healthy, thriving, secure, and prosperous Oklahoma.